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Promising Practices for Student Learning

It’s been three years since our first report on mobile technology. And, wow, have we seen this market surge. In the 2012 National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education, 54% had adopted mobile technology in 25% or more schools. … Continue reading

Who buys apps for education?

About a year ago, I asked a teacher friend how she decides which apps to use in her classroom. She responded, “Well, a bunch of us get together on our own time and we gush over our favorite apps for … Continue reading

Are schools adopting tablets on a 1:1 basis?

“An iPad is like a toothbrush. You could share it, but why would you want to?” Anonymous There seems to be a Utopian vision that one day all students will go to school fully equipped with a low-cost tablet device, … Continue reading

Do Educators Use Education Volume Purchasing Through iTunes?

In our last blog post we looked at the question: Do educators expect all apps to be free? Luckily, we discovered that educators value software that helps them individualize instruction and that engages their students. Whew! But we also know … Continue reading

Should All Apps Be Free for Education?

“Apps should be free”, my friend, a chief technology officer at a local school, recently told me. “If we were to get great apps for little or no money, tablet devices would transform education. They would replace computers, calculators, and … Continue reading

New! 2012 National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education, Corporate and Non-Profit Edition

Wondering which tablets are being adopted for student instruction in K-12 education or which apps educators find most useful? This new report, published by IESD in collaboration with STEM Market Impact, surveys Technology Directors, CIOs, CTOs, and Media Directors to … Continue reading

New! 2012 National Survey on STEM Education–Corporate and Non-Profit Edition

“The high level view of the STEM landscape in the National Survey on STEM echoes a lot of what we’re seeing as developers, but also brings into focus surprising new insights. It has really set us buzzing here, and a … Continue reading

Who’s Funding STEM?

Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about STEM education. But have you ever wondered, “Who’s funding it?” According to a report by the National Science and Technology Council, the feds spent 3.4 billion just … Continue reading

2011 Survey on STEM Education–FREE on Einstein’s Birthday!

The offer below expired on March 21st. The 2012 Survey on STEM will be available for purchase by the end of March! If you want to be notified as soon as the report is available, sign up for STEM updates … Continue reading

2012 Educator Edition of the National Survey on STEM Report

Last month, the Corporate Edition of the 2012 National Survey on STEM Education was published covering topics such as: STEM funding priorities, projections for STEM funding, and over 700 open-ended responses detailing the types of technology STEM educators would like … Continue reading