Who buys apps for education?

About a year ago, I asked a teacher friend how she decides which apps to use in her classroom. She responded, “Well, a bunch of us get together on our own time and we gush over our favorite apps for student instruction while sharing a bottle of wine.” Teachers who love good technology will always tell their friends; it’s a timeless tale.

But many of you may wonder: Who actually is responsible for buying apps?  In the National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education–published by the independent research firm IESD, Inc.–we asked, “Where in your district is the PRIMARY responsibility for selection and purchase of apps for mobile technology?” Respondents could choose from:

  • District curriculum department
  • District level instructional technology department
  • District Information Technology Director/CIO/CTO
  • School level
  • Varies depending on the app
  • To be determined
  • Other

Only 19.6% indicated that the purchasing decision for apps is made at the school level. A detailed breakdown of responses is available in the full report along with analysis for larger and small districts.

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