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About STEM Reports

STEM Reports is published by Catapult X, a market and product development company that consults exclusively with science and STEM education industry partners—organizations, businesses, and associations.


Founder and President, Daylene Long served as Chief Marketing Officer and Partner at Vernier Software & Technology for 15 years. Ms. Long developed and led the company’s first marketing department, public relations initiatives, and outreach efforts in the company’s history. She has consulted on projects for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Smithsonian Science Education Center,, and SKT. 


Ms. Long serves on the board of the BEC, a non-profit in Oregon whose vision is to mobilize communities to engage students who are historically underserved in creating a future of limitless possibilities. 


More information about Catapult X may be found at


Why STEM Reports?

In 2009, STEM Reports started with a "What if?"


What if STEM industry were served by the voice of the STEM educator? What if an independent research company could publish primary research on STEM education that served as a conduit between STEM educators and multiple business and association partners?


We made it happen. Ellen Bialo and Jay Sivin-Kachala at IESD, Inc. joined STEM Reports in publishing the National Survey on STEM Education and the National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education. Together, with our list sponsor MCH Data, we found ways to develop research at a fraction of the cost of other reports on the market with actionable insights that STEM business partners could use to catapult their brands forward with speed and precision. Industry partners such as Amplify,, and Vernier Software & Technology stepped up to sponsor Educator Editions of the reports to make research available at no cost to STEM educators.


Daylene Long 
President, Catapult X
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