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A Few Equity Resources

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us walk together…”

Lila Watson, Indigenous Australian / Murri visual artist, activist, and academic

I first heard Lila Watson's words in a workshop given by Phillip Bell from the University of Washington. He spoke about important concepts—identity and interest—foundational to "A Framework for K-12 Science." Watson's words have been a companion on my own equity journey, and I share them with you.

Here are a few other treasures gathered from the year:

Several science leaders from around the country will be attending this summit. Bringing together educators, business, government, and the media, The National Summit for Courageous Conversation brings together thoughtful minds to deepen conversations about systemic racism and its ability to impact opportunity to achieve in every aspect of life. Join several members of the Council of State Science Supervisors in this dialogue.

Have you ever listened to a speaker that received a standing ovation before and after her presentation? Heidi Schweingruber, Director of the Board on Science Education, presented the book above at NSTA in St. Louis. This Consensus Study Report was the work of a committee co-chaired by Brett Moulding and Nancy Songer, along with some of the brightest minds in science education. (Really. The list of contributors is impressive.)

The introduction states "This report uses the term "inclusive pedagogies" when discussing instructional strategies that are designed to make education more inclusive of students from many types of diverse backgrounds and cultures." The study goes on to demonstrate how inclusive pedagogies integrate with three-dimensional learning. Each chapter is rich with examples and details.

A free pdf may be downloaded from the National Academies Press, and hard copies are available for purchase.

Confession: I bought a couple of the books on Bell's list, stacked them next to my computer, and I'm staring at them.

But dear educator, I haven't gotten to the others, so I compiled Bell's slides together for you. I'll get to the other equity resources. I will. But it's August, and it's sunny outside. And equity work is hard. Not just hard—HARD hard. And my Golden Retriever, River Song, is wiggling around squeaking her tennis ball. Distractions are so much easier than facing both the advantages and disadvantages that children I care abut endure. And I care about all of them.

I'll add more resources to this blog because Lila Watson is right. Our liberation is bound together, which is why we connect STEM to interest and identity and why we walk this walk together.


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