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Who’s Funding STEM?

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about STEM education. But have you ever wondered, “Who’s funding it?”

According to a report by the National Science and Technology Council, the feds spent 3.4 billion just in 2011 through 252 distinct investments

But according to the 2012 National Survey on STEM Report, if you ask STEM educators, “What funding sources will provide NEW initiatives for STEM education in your school?”,

41% will respond “grants from private foundations.” Over 230 respondents in the report go

on to detail Apple grants, PTC funding, and contributions from individuals. STEM educators cite STEM grants from small companies like Vernier and from large companies like Google or Microsoft. They even tell stories of grants from the Red Sox Foundation and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

So who’s funding STEM?

It looks like we all are. It’s great that the federal government is spending 3.4 billion in STEM, but it is even more inspiring to hear stories of companies, individuals, and foundations investing to help educate our next generation of scientists and engineers.

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