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2012 National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education, Corporate and Non-Profit Edition

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Wondering which tablets are being adopted for student instruction in K-12 education or which apps educators find most useful? This new report, published by IESD in collaboration with STEM Market Impact, surveys Technology Directors, CIOs, CTOs, and Media Directors to help answer those questions.

Market Research that is Actionable

If you are a CEO, marketer or product developer for K-12 education, you will find this market-research report explores many of the questions you have been asking:

– Are mobile devices and tablets being adopted rapidly in K-12 education? – Are schools adopting iPads, Kindles, Google Chromebooks or other devices? – Do you need to develop apps for a BYOD environment? – Who are the key purchasers and influencers for apps for student instruction?

– Do educators expect all apps to be free? – How do you market apps for student instruction in K-12 education? – Which benefits are driving mobile-device adoption for student instruction?

Click here to download the Mobile Technology Report.


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