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2014 National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

As Chromebooks and iPad devices become commonplace in K-12 classrooms, we can look to our 2014 survey for insight into key motivations driving the rapid adoption. We know that price played a role; however, intrinsic benefits driving adoption are key to understanding educational apps that most serve students.

Now Free! Business Edition: 2014 National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education published by IESD Inc. showed significant growth for tablet adoption. Respondents to the survey included K-12 district technology and media leaders with a total of 332 qualified educators who responded to the survey.

This 76-page report helps businesses discover answers to the following questions:

  • What price do educators expect to pay for apps? Have price expectations shifted over the last three years?

  • What is the current level of adoption of mobile technology for K-12 education, and what do educators expect for the future?

  • Which apps do educators see as most beneficial for student instruction?

  • How do educators discover the best apps for student instruction? (Which channels are best for marketers who want to reach decision makers?)

  • Who are the key decision makers and influencers when it comes to purchasing apps?

  • What promising practices have educators identified for use of mobile technology in student instruction? (Educators provide over 120 detailed responses.)

Important data for business leaders, sales teams, and marketing groups includes a breakdown by district size: 10,000 students and over; 2,500 to 9,999; and under 2,500.


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